interior of space ship

We're so excited to give your group a private tour of Starship Alpha, the world's most sophisticated Starship. Nothing can go wrong, right?

What is Starship Alpha?

Starship Alpha is a fun, interactive space-themed remote escape room for teams of 4 people. Teams connect over laptops and computers, follow a story and help solve a series of puzzles to escape.

How does it work?

Teams log in and solve interactive challenging puzzles together while on an included video chat. Everyone has to work together as each team member may see and be able to do different things.

Who is this for?

Starship Alpha is recommended for everyone ages 9 and up. It is highly interactive and on the easy to moderate level of escape rooms.

Do I need to reserve a time?

No reservations are needed. Teams can schedule and start at any time they want!

What is required?

Starship Alpha requires 4 different people in different locations using laptops or tablet computers. Phones are not recommended. It takes approximately 1 hour to solve and all people must closely interact at all times with the included video chat.

How much is it?

The one hour experience is $19.99 per team with a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Are there group discounts?

Starship Alpha is a great team-building event for corporations or fundraiser for non-profits. Discounted group rates and private leaderboards are offered for larger organizations or competitions. Contact groupsales at for more details.